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WiFi by EEVA

WiFi by EEVA is our awesome industry rattling connectivity and network solution – just for you!

No more “Aaagh why can’t I download this” no more “The internet is down we can’t work”, no more frustrations, no more waiting, no more wasted time, no more spending money on crazy expensive equipment that doesn’t work. No more problems, it just works!

EEVA = I.T. Innovation Success

Why do you need WiFi by EEVA?

Wifi by EEVA is more than what the name suggests. At Ello we strive to give you value and we do our best to be able to give you seamless work experiences. We realise the importance of time in today’s world. When you have a client on a call over WIFI, you don’t want to sit for minutes on end waiting for your connection to refresh so they can see and hear you. Not only is that detrimental to the image of your business but it causes frustration.


In our digital age we send and receive a lot of data, files exceeding 10’s, 100’s of gigabytes. You can’t afford to wait hours for a file just so you can do your work. You can’t afford instabilities in your network causing you to have bad internet speeds or even worse, bad local speeds. EEVA not only focuses on bandwidth but also looks at what programmes you need to be successful and make sure that your bandwidth is allocated to the programmes you need to work with.


At Ello we don’t want to sell you the latest brand name, like an almost-R20k-switch that you don’t need. We want to give you stability – a stable internet connection that JUST WORKS. We don’t want you to have to call us and tell us that you’re having problems. We are proactive and want to get notified in advance to assess the situation and fix the problem before you are even aware of slow or interrupted internet speed. We know what components you need and we will choose the best parts for your work environment.


Do you hate having “fast” internet, but every time you do something online you have to wait ages for it to work? In the technology industry we call these bottlenecks. For example Super-fast internet with a very high bandwidth, but now your router you’re using is limiting you and you only get access to little bit of that. We strive to give you the best components and equipment, not the most expensive brand name equipment, but rather the ones proven to work, so that you not only get what you pay for, but so much more.


More and more platforms, like accounting systems, email and office applications as well as other services are moving away from the physical machine and online into the cloud. Not only do you need a stable internet connection to always have access to these applications, but you need to be safe doing so as well. This is where EEVA comes into the picture. She monitors all the things happening on both the network and your workstation and simultaneously protects you from any threats coming your way.

Why pay for more than what you need to?

We want to provide you with value. If there’s equipment, that does EXACTLY the same as more expensive equipment and is as reliable as said equipment, we won’t hesitate to save you money.


How do we keep your network stable?

Simple, you have our awesome A.I. bot EEVA diagnosing everything for you [and for us]. EEVA always looks for faults and she will save you time and money by telling you exactly where the faults are. For example instead of telling you to a new switch or router when it’s in fact only a cable that wasn’t connected or broken.

How do you save money on equipment without cheeping out?

Other I.T. companies will sell you hardware just to get you to spend money. For us, we realise that you need to spend money on things that you need to improve your business. If you need a massive new network solution you might be told that there’s enough equipment to fill 2 cabinets entirely.

We at Ello have already fine combed what you need to run optimally and tried and tested it over the past 18 years. So WHY make you spend more money now by buying 2 very expensive cabinets, when there is a single cabinet that’s big enough and more cost effective? Let EEVA advise you on exactly what you need.

What do you get?

1. Primary Internet Connectivity Link
2. Failover Internet Connectivity Link
3. Link Controller
4. Cabinet + Power + UPS + Cooling fans
5. Our Secret Success Formula
6. EEVA A.I Bot

What is in it for you?

Quality, hassle free internet experience, with no stress. You will not only get a high bandwidth line, but rather a multi component solution and stable!Quality, hassle free internet experience, with no stress.

You will not only get a high bandwidth line, but rather a multi component solution and stable!This awesome solution comprises of:

1. Business-grade Fibre, LTE, Sat and Wireless Primary Link’s that has guaranteed SLA uptimes, backed by a Service Level Agreement with various available speeds, and data options depending on your location. No need for expensive dedicated internet links as we configure SD Wan on our Link Controller. MPLS is outdated.

2. Failover internet link provided by us, will use a completely different backbone (NOT just an alternative service) ensuring that your failover works every time. Our link controller will automatically fail you over to your secondary internet link, hassle-free, keeping productivity uninterrupted within your workplace. Seamless Internet failover is but just another awesome part of this solution. 

3. Our link controller provides excellent firewall security and bandwidth optimisation. SD Wan technology allows you to prioritise your company’s data usage, and you will be able to specify user’s internet access, restricting access to non-business-related content that slows down your connection and costs you unnecessary money.  We can also provide a secure VPN Branch to Branch connection that allows you to connect to your branch’s network as if you were at the office. Guest Access (control and security) is a big feature used today to keep internal workplace networks secure.

4. Our Integrated A.I Bot, EEVA, is actively controlling all the IT components in this Connectivity Solution, ensuring optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces, and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome. EEVA takes care of all the IT repair and maintenance work needed, with her 24/7 automation process while you’re sleeping, and provides you with loads of live statistics. She helps you not only perform at maximum capacity but also by giving you the business information that you need to make informed decisions!

How do you keep your network running optimally over long periods of time?

When it comes to the ever-changing world of connectivity, we recommend that you do a complete refresh of your equipment every 5 years to be able to run optimally. Outdated and old equipment is just as bad as broken equipment. You don’t want you to spend absurd amounts of money on equipment, instead you want equipment that does the job and does it well without breaking the bank.

What about maintenance?

You spent a lot of money now on a new solution and if the solution is not maintained properly, it could feel 5/6 years old when it’s still brand new and you don’t want that. This is why we include our A.I. bot EEVA, with all of our solutions. EEVA will do that maintenance so you don’t have to and can see things we humans might only stumble upon accidently. EEVA can fix things faster than any I.T. Technician and if there’s a problem that EEVA can’t fix, we will know about it even before it becomes a bother to you. Ensuring you can always run at 100%

Is your internet that slow?

Often we find ourselves blaming the wrong things. EEVA will be able to analyse whether it’s your WIFI solution that’s slow or whether it’s your workstations. Older and outdated workstations have a tendency to not work well with new WIFI solutions, they can only use a small amount of what the solution is capable of, and at the same time, having one old device that works slower affects all the other devices. The access point then falls back to the level of the old workstation so it can use the internet, slowing down the connection of everyone else in doing so.


Our Integrated A.I. Bot EEVA is actively controlling all the I.T. components in our solutions ensuring optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome.


EEVA takes care of all the I.T. repair and maintenance work needed, auto upgrades of latest firmware with her 24/7 automation process, while you’re sleeping and provides you with loads of live statistics.


EEVA helps you not only perform at maximum capacity, but also gives you the business information you need to make informed decisions.

What People Are Saying On Google

If you’re not technically savvy and need help these guys are great. All staff is friendly and helpful. My laptop hard drive crashed and they managed to backup all my documents and emails and install a new hard drive for me. I am well impressed and if I need help in the future I will definitely give them a call again! Thank you and shout out to the Ello team.

-Pringle Piper

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Fantastic experience!  The Ello team installed my CCTV with diligence, professionalism, knowledge and dedication.  They worked late each day and made sure I was happy with everything.  What a pleasure to work with!!  Thank you, Ello!<

– Jacques Ellis

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Think of the best IT company in the country. Do you have your answer, good, you are wrong. The answer is Ello Technologies. Talking from previous experience, they have the most efficient system to handle all IT related issues by far, and they have some of the best response times I have ever heard of.

– Charlie Van Zyl

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Best company to work for. Staff are friendly and vibrant. Excellent delivery and service! 11/10 Would use their service anytime!

– Muawiyah Wentzel

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Great service!! They fitted my house with fibre and wireless goods and its awesome!! Thx Ello!!

– Shaun Van Veijeren

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If you have a network consisting of more than 10 workstations and want a seamless, functional IT environment without the hassle, Ello Technology is who you should be dealing with.  Great support and service.

– Kathleen Nigrini

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What an amazing company. Prompt service and a very professional vibe.

– George Hanos

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Ello went out of their way, for the second time to help with an IT problem even though I am not an established customer and didn’t buy my equipment through them. What an awesome team!

– Ilona Lee

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Ello Exceeded all my expectations. SA’s best IT company always striving to do more!

– Alexander Brand

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Very professional.

– Stephen Scheepers

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Friendly service.

– Ron Joubert

What People Are Saying On Google

Professional, friendly team! highly recommended!

– Davin Swart

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