1. Workstation with Microsoft Pro or Apple Pro Pre-Installed with 36 Month Warranty
2. Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Excel, Outlook, etcetera
3. Screen, Power Supply, UPS (if not Laptop) keyboard & Mouse, Desk Top Printer
4. Virus Protection Agent Installed
5. Our Secret Success Formula
6. EEVA A.I Bot

Don’t worry about what to buy and whether your purchase will work for you or not. With the power of EEVA, we have months of statistics telling us precisely what you need to be able to work optimally. Take the guesswork out of your purchase and choose us to make informed decisions on what to buy and when.

Our Integrated A.I Bot EEVA is fully integrated and actively controlling all your user's devices. EEVA ensures optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome. EEVA takes care of all the I.T repair and maintenance work with her 24/7 automation process, while you’re sleeping and provides you with loads of live statistics, helping you not only perform at maximum capacity but also giving you the business information you need to make informed decisions.​

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