Integrated A.I
Network, Wifi & Internet Management

We are so dependant on our internet connection to do business. Boardroom meetings takes place online & one can simply not afford to be cut off during an important business call. At Ello we have developed a rock solid solution to insure you stay connected & look professional at all times.

Management of the internet

Most of your business apps today require the internet to function. Simply puteach app will take all the internet bandwidth it can get. The question is, does it need all the internet bandwidth? The answer is no. Each business app only needs a certain amount. For example, Microsoft Exchange only requires a small amount of internetAlso, email is essential but can it be prioritised to take a bit of a back seat to let us say do a Zoom call or Teams video call and meeting instead? If you manage your bandwidth you not only have high-speed internet experience, but you also save on cost

We make sure you do not throw money into a never-ending pit by carefully managing your internet apps optimal requirement. So, pay for what you need, no more and no less.  

Ello also offers you the function of an automatic failover for the times your primary internet link may be offline due to break-in or the Fibre or Wireless tower is down. With us, you will be covered as we add on a very cost-effective solution. 

Ello will manage your Networks, Wifi & Internet from the end user to the internet service provider, giving you a hassle free business solution that includes:

  • Automatic Failover
  • Pay only for the bandwidth you need
  • Auto updates
  • Alerts you of bottlenecks before they occur
  • Managed service includes free yearly maintenance on our premium and optimal plan
  • Dedicated team for your specific business site
  • Friendly and experienced technicians at your finger tips
  • Stable internet, Wifi and Network
  • Secure connectivity, keeping your & your clients confidential information safe
Network from cable to Wifi

Picture yourself in your car, driving down a single road lane. There is a terribly slow truck in front of you and you may not overtake itNaturally, you look down and check what speed you are driving. It is way below the speed limit & quickly frustration sets in. With this analogy in mind, let us explain what Ello’s Network, Wifi & Internet solution does.  

EEVA, our integrated A.I bot picks up the Trucks in your I.T network & identifies the Truck bottleneckso we can remove the Trucks & open your I.T. network to the required fast speed it needs to be.  

Your business device – be it a computer or a tablet – will connect at any Wi-Fi speed you allow it to connect to. Logically, you think it will pick the fast Wi-Fi connection. Sorry, that is not the case. Your computer will connect to any 2.4ghz or 5ghz connection. The problem is that there is a significant speed difference between them. This is a perfect example of why, with EEVA, we make sure your computer is always connected to the fastest connection 

When searching for a reliable I.T partner, call us at 028 001 0900 We specialize in I.T for businesses, including the operating system on your workstation, software licences, anti-viruses, data backups, network and Wifi stability and multi branch organizations. We have been doing this since 2002, specializing in I.T for business.