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User & Device Management

People are arguably the most valuable resource  in your business. Today, we all use technology & therefore our workstations need to work so that we can be effective and productive. Without our laptop/tablet/cellphone, most of the things we do and rely on on a daily basis wouldn’t be there.

Be a successful YOU

Ello’s User & Device Management solution is designed to help you be a more successful you, because with the help of A.I integration auto fixing your I.T problems, & quickly indicating your devices shortfallswe can quickly help you to resolve your ongoing issues & keep your device running smoothly.  

Since 2002 our people have been dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional customer service. We have highly qualified experts in the field, & you can be reassured that we are focused on always bringing you a world-class experience. We also have a dedicated team of experts for each site, saving you the frustration of re-explaining yourself to a new engineer every time.

Below some of the benefits all included in our User & Device Management solution:

  • User support, maintenance & repair work
  • Full recovery of your core systems at no extra cost in the event of system failures
  • A.I 24/7 auto resolving I.T related problems in milliseconds
  • Alerts on any site instability & outages
  • Analytical & user/device specific data
  • Instant technical support via phone, Ello app and/or email
  • Full DR backup management of all data
  • Full site maintenance incl. annual dust & vent cleans
  • Loan stock available to minimize disruptions
  • Ongoing quarterly I.T strategy consultations
  • Ongoing vulnerability & security assessments to keep you safe
EEVA our A.I protects your confidential information

Data is expanding to mobile networks, cloud infrastructure &residing on third-party storage systems. All this data is subject to increasing legislation, this data also needs to be managed to remain compliant. Organisations must also comply with industry-specific regulators & their demands, be that the Financial Conduct Authority or The Solicitors Regulatory Authority. With EEVA we provide you with the reassurance that your company is compliant. 


When searching for a reliable I.T partner, call us at 028 009 0100. We specialize in I.T for businesses, including the operating system on your workstation, software licenses, anti-viruses, data backups, network and WiFi stability and multi branch organizations. We have been doing this since 2002, specializing in I.T for business.