I.T Business Platform Specialists
Business Apps & Server Management

When it comes to business software and server needs, every business is different. We at Ello pride ourselves that we will not offer you a solution that is not fit for your business. We want the solution to work for your business, so that your success can grow together with our success as your I.T partner.

Software & Servers

At Ello we strive to give value to our client, so instead of having you buy an expensive server rack and an equally crazy priced server, we offer a way for you to have the server space along with all the goodies like CRM and accounting software. This is all a monthly fee and there are no purchasing of expensive equipment.

 If you’re not too keen on the online world, we can still install an on-site legacy server, meaning physical hardware for you, this server will be made cloud-ready, so when you feel like moving online, we can move everything over for you.

We offer you things like Office 365 and ZohoSharePointTeams and so much more. Our A.I. bot EEVA plugs into all of them ensuring you always have the best work experience, and you can work at your best. All these applications are now online so you don’t have to worry about having a computer that’s crazy expensive just to run it.

You can access the applications from wherever you are, whether it be at home, the office or a coffee shop. Anywhere!

  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint
  • One on One staff training
  • Zoho One
  • Sage Online
  • Integrated A.I
  • Full recovery backup
  • Same day server recovery
  • Simultaneously edit on a live document
  • Work from anywhere!
Can we give you email and exchange email servers?

Yes, we can and it is sync-able between all your devices! All contacts are shared between all devices and we bolted that on to Mimecast, to keep control of your mailbox by sifting through spam and unwanted emails to ensure your safety. It also saves you the hassle of doing so yourself.

When searching for a reliable I.T partner, call us at 028 001 0900. We specialize in I.T for businesses, including the operating system on your workstation, software licences, anti-viruses, data backups, network and Wifi stability and multi branch organizations. We have been doing this since 2002, specializing in I.T for business.