An intelligent business tool to help you!

EEVA = Ello Efficient Vigilant Automan 

Start your journey with us today and install EEVA on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and join the many that encompass the power of our A.I. technology.

WiFi by EEVA

No more Aaagh! My Internet is so slow… or Aaagh! I cannot video call without my computer hanging and not being able to hear the other person speak, and finally our internet is offline again and we cant work! calls of desperation.   

YOU deserve better! NO more frustrations, NO more waiting, NO more wasted time, no more spending money on crazy expensive equipment that does not work. You deserve a solution that just works! 

Business Apps & Servers by EEVA

We can provide the perfect server and business application combination for your specific business.

This includes all and any apps that you need to make your business run smoothly, whether connected to an online or on-premise server.

Always ON by EEVA

Being caught out with your proverbial pants around  your ankles with Eskom’s loadshedding and power failures is
a thin
g of the past. Our offline power solution works so
well that you won’t even realize load shedding is 
happening, keeping all your critical lights, I.T. systems and business Devices running so that you can carry on as usual. Power AlwaysON becomes the new norm.


Our Integrated A.I. Bot EEVA is fully integrating and actively controlling all your PABX I.T. components.

EEVA ensures optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome.


Our Integrated A.I. Bot EEVA is fully integrating and actively controls all your security components. EEVA ensures optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome.

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