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This lesson is extremely pertinent to us all.

Just as a blueprint is for a building, or a roadmap is used to plan for a road trip – an IT Roadmap provides a strategic direction in supporting your organisations growth and direction. Ideally, it helps define where you are today and identifies what you will need towards your 2025 goal.

Too often, organisations bypass IT Road-mapping to expedite end results or reduce costs associated with the solution or the implementation thereof. Rather than investing time and resources in upfront planning, these organisations simply assemble technology requirements, then quickly move to build and implement the solution.

Although eliminating the Roadmap can initially speed up the process, it causes delays and added costs later in the project. This happens when you don’t have a well-defined collaboration between yourself and your IT partner, yielding the best cost effective results. Otherwise, it is difficult, if not near impossible, to uncover inefficiencies, identify gaps and forecast issues that may arise at a later stage.

What is an IT Roadmap?

An IT Roadmap is a planning tool that your IT Partner creates with you in order to help guide your priorities, projects, budgets, staffing and other IT strategic related tasks.

How we would go about helping structure an IT Roadmap for you:

  • Utilising Automated Reports providing you with live analytics
  • Planned site Audits conducted by us
  • Assisting with phased implementations of your required IT infrastructure. (Refreshed Cycle) 
  • 6 Month recap review meeting
  • Providing consultations aligning your IT Strategy with your Business Strategy

How will this benefit my organisation?

  • Assisting with cash flow and budgeting (Once-off or Monthly)
  • Identifying strategic areas that need improvement to optimise your business
  • We will assist with identifying risk areas
  • Helping you to prioritise what’s urgent 
  • Assisting you to be effective and efficient
  • Decision making/ Board Approval becomes manageable and reduces time spent from FM and other participating parties.

What does this mean for your team?

  • Your team will be aware of the annual IT layout in terms of routine maintenance
  • Your team will be aware of who is on site and when
  • We will help eliminate unexpected interventions that potentially hinders your team and decrease annoyance
  • That they will always have the correct ICT resources at their disposal (workstations, apps, security, etc……)
  • Your team will have less excuses to perform
  • Your team will experience increased levels of productivity
  • Correct resource allocation based on scope of responsibility
  • Your team will feel invigorated in the aspect of “innovation” or that my organisation is forward thinking.
  • Your team will feel valued and incorporated as their needs have been identified and evaluated

An IT Roadmap is key to your companies future. Call us today.

Written by an Ellothean – Deon Kellerman 

Posted on October 25, 2018