1. Primary Internet Connectivity Link
2. Failover Internet Connectivity Link
3. Link Controller
4. Cabinet + Power + UPS + Cooling fans
5. Our Secret Success Formula
6. EEVA A.I Bot

We believe that the INTERNET is not just a single component but a multi-component solution. Having quality internet access all the time should be the norm. We Provide business grade Fibre, LTE, Sat and Wireless Primary Link’s that has guaranteed SLA uptimes, backed by a Service level agreement with various available speeds, and data options depending on your location. No Need for expensive dedicated internet links as we configure SD Wan on our Link controller. MPLS is a thing of the past…. ​

Secondary links we provided, will use a completely different backbone (NOT just an alternative service) ensuring that your failover works every time. ​

Our link controller provides world-class firewall security and bandwidth optimisation. SD Wan technology allows you to prioritise your company's data usage and you will be able to specify access control to user’s internet access and quality of service, as per your company needs. Seamless Internet failover is but just another awesome part of this solution.

We can provide secure VPN Branch to Branch connect, or even just Out-of-Office connect - a simple and secure solution for your workplace needs. Our link controller will automatically fail you over to your secondary internet link, hassle-free, keeping productivity uninterrupted within your workplace.

Guest Acess (Control and security) is a big feature used today to keep internal workplace networks secure.

Our Integrated A.I Bot, EEVA, is actively controlling all the I.T components in this Connectivity Solution, ensuring optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces, and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome. EEVA takes care of all the I.T repair and maintenance work needed, with her 24/7 automation process while you're sleeping, and provides you with loads of live statistics. She helps you not only perform at maximum capacity, but also gives you the business information you need to make informed decisions.

Connectivity Solution Ello Technology

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