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Why the importance of compliancy may be more real than you think

The volume of data created in the last two years is larger than the total volume created in the previous two thousand years, and over the next twelve months, it will have doubled again…

As you are aware, we break down our Security Solution into 5 Key Aspects:



The volume of data created in the last two years is larger than the total volume created in the previous two thousand years, and over the next twelve months, it will have doubled again. Many organizations are now responsible for data beyond their traditional network, which would generally reside safely behind a firewall. It now includes mobile networks, cloud infrastructure and data residing on third party storage systems.

All this data is subject to increasing legislation, this data also needs to be managed to remain compliant with the Data Protection Act, soon to be GDPR; the Patriot Act in the US or the POPI Act in South Africa, creating many challenges for all organizations. In addition to the Government enforced legislation, organizations must also comply with industry specific regulators and their demands, be that the Financial Conduct Authority or The Solicitors Regulatory Authority for example to name a few.

The protection of data falls under our Security / Compliance solution. External security protection is done with a Next Generation Firewall, Internal device protection is completed by means of FortiNet End Point protection. The formidable combination of the Next Generation Firewall and End Point Management is used to best protect data on the network between the two devices and provides peace of mind that if there is a “gogga” on your PC, Server or Network we can and will kill it dead…

We add proactive protection by using the Next Generation Firewalls UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution to protect users from clicking on Malicious Websites and by using Mimecast for the protection of your email against receiving malicious attachments. Our well renowned Ello Smart Agent that resides on all your work devices continually runs updates, patches workstation and server’s latest security patches. While being non-invasive but extremely effective it gets to work efficiently in the background.

Now with Ello’s Redstor Pro, you gain centralized insight into your businesses data. We can back up your data securely and keep it out of the hands of the likes of Ransomware Viruses but also that we are able to strip out the confidential info pertaining to the compliance requirements as set out above, we are able to archive the info easily offsite with in a secure Backup and Archiving Solution. Redstor Pro provides a unified, visual view of unstructured business data giving organizations the means to undertake an effective task to address compliance challenges such as GDPR’s right to be forgotten.


Compliancy is an ever-real reality and we at Ello have affiliated partners both providing compliance audit reports, and our dedicated team will assist you wherever required to enforce the expectations around the compliance needed.

A combination of these excellent tools and our ongoing research ensures we have your back. Hey…that’s what a partnership is all about right?

Author:  Garry Cahay – Ello Technology’s Visionary and Founder

Posted on June 26, 2018