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Our Integrated A.I. Bot EEVA is fully integrating and actively controls all your security components. EEVA ensures optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome.

EEVA takes care of all the I.T. repair and maintenance work with her 24/7 automation process while your sleeping and provides you with loads of  live statistics, helping you not only perform at maximum capacity but also giving you the business information, you need to make informed decisions.

The Old Way of Doing CCTV

This is what we refer to as the analogue solution, which consists of CCTV cameras, that are connected to a small coax box, with coax cable. The coax box is plugged into the Integrated Broadband Router (IBR) as well as into a power supply. This would then be connected to a hard drive box or a computer where the footage would be stored.

The main problems with this type of CCTV system were that you only knew that your cameras were not working when you check for footage and it is not there. It also had an overriding problem where the newest camera footage would replace the old ones when the drive was full, meaning you might end up with only a week’s footage where you should have a month or two.

Why is Ello different?

We believe that I.T. systems should “JUST” work! Simple, reliable and consistent. From A (Internet) to Z (computers/User devices) and everything in-between.

. Most I.T. companies sell you products to use in your business, be it a Server, a network switch, CCTV camera, PBX, laptop, internet, battery etc.….but each of these products have pros and shortfalls. So logistically for reliable I.T. systems, you need to iron out the shortfalls with Strengths, making sure you have a balance where one product has a shortfall needs to be balanced with a product with a pro in that area. Each component must be compatible with each other, creating a full 365-degree solution. Add EEVA to this mix, and now you have each component being measured and monitored. Making sure there is no bottleneck or areas of failure.

Step 1.
Download EEVA on your computers / tablets / smart phones / User devices
Or buy any one of the 6 Solutions we have on offer.

Step 2.
Sit back and watch your I.T. troubles fade away.

Frequently asked questions by new clients

Why is what we give you better?

At Ello we strive to give you the best value, and we have found that using Ip-based Multi-Protocol Router (MPR) is the best solution [this means the camera uses network data, it is powered by Ethernet through a Power over Ethernet (POE) switch]. We connect this system to a different VDSL network so there is no interference on your main network. This is all down with shielded cable to help with electrical interference as well as pests chewing on the cables.

The system consists out of IP-based MPR cameras connected to a POE switch that connects to a VLAN, all connected with shielded cable. This runs from the POE switch to a controller which has EEVA plugged in.

What does that mean for you?

That means you get a CCTV system that will work, and you will know when it is not working, thanks to EEVA, who will constantly be checking that all cameras are on and working and that there is enough storage for the clips, as well any other problems like hardware or interference problems. We get notified when something is not working so you do not have to find out yourself, and we come to replace it or repair it because that is what you pay for. Hassle-free CCTV.

What else do you get?

We provide you with remote access to all the cameras, as well as a static IP [instead of a dynamic one] to ensure you can always see, what you need to see when you want to see it. The cameras we use are Day\Night cameras so you can view live footage any time of day.

What do we not provide you?

Unfortunately, Ello is not a security company, so you will have to get your own monitoring team to monitor your footage.


We strongly recommend: That you have a look into a primary and failover network system as well as a power solution so you can have your CCTV solution always running. Both of those solutions are also available at Ello.



Our Integrated A.I. Bot EEVA is actively controlling all the I.T. components in our solutions ensuring optimal, secure, hassle-free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are this awesome.


EEVA takes care of all the I.T. repair and maintenance work needed, auto upgrades of latest firmware with her 24/7 automation process, while you’re sleeping and provides you with loads of live statistics.


She helps you not only perform at maximum capacity, but also gives you the business information you need to make informed decisions.

What People Are Saying On Google

If you’re not technically savvy and need help these guys are great. All staff is friendly and helpful. My laptop hard drive crashed and they managed to backup all my documents and emails and install a new hard drive for me. I am well impressed and if I need help in the future I will definitely give them a call again! Thank you and shout out to the Ello team.

-Pringle Piper

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Fantastic experience!  The Ello team installed my CCTV with diligence, professionalism, knowledge and dedication.  They worked late each day and made sure I was happy with everything.  What a pleasure to work with!!  Thank you, Ello!<

– Jacques Ellis

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Think of the best IT company in the country. Do you have your answer, good, you are wrong. The answer is Ello Technologies. Talking from previous experience, they have the most efficient system to handle all IT related issues by far, and they have some of the best response times I have ever heard of.

– Charlie Van Zyl

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Best company to work for. Staff are friendly and vibrant. Excellent delivery and service! 11/10 Would use their service anytime!

– Muawiyah Wentzel

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Great service!! They fitted my house with fibre and wireless goods and its awesome!! Thx Ello!!

– Shaun Van Veijeren

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If you have a network consisting of more than 10 workstations and want a seamless, functional IT environment without the hassle, Ello Technology is who you should be dealing with.  Great support and service.

– Kathleen Nigrini

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What an amazing company. Prompt service and a very professional vibe.

– George Hanos

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Ello went out of their way, for the second time to help with an IT problem even though I am not an established customer and didn’t buy my equipment through them. What an awesome team!

– Ilona Lee

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Ello Exceeded all my expectations. SA’s best IT company always striving to do more!

– Alexander Brand

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Very professional.

– Stephen Scheepers

What People Are Saying On Google

Friendly service.

– Ron Joubert

What People Are Saying On Google

Professional, friendly team! highly recommended!

– Davin Swart

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