1. Central Online Email Platform
2. Email Security Platform
3. Our Secret Success Formula
4. EEVA A.I Bot

Our Email solution provides you with central online storage of all your emails. Our active sync function insures that all your devices have the same inbox and sent items giving you the power of connecting your emails and workplace to the world. We know that email is a critical communication tool, but we are also very aware that it can be your biggest security threat if not managed correctly. We strive to protect you, our VIP, and have the latest security in place to help you not fall a victim to that lurking security vulnerability and/or scam..

We can also provide duplication,always online and ready failovers between data centres in other geographic regions.

Our Integrated A.I Bot EEVA is fully integrated and actively controlling all your Email I.T components. EEVA insures optimal, secure, hassle free workplaces and is a critical part of why our solutions are awesome. EEVA takes care of all the I.T repair and maintenance work with her 24/7 automation process while you’re sleeping and provides you with loads of live statistics, helping you not only preform at maximum capacity, but also giving you the business information you need to make informed decisions.​​

Central Email Solution Ello Technology

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